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Grimp in Forest is known for its two multi-activity parks in France based in Briançon and Montgenèvre in the Alps in the Paca region. A team dedicated to recreational games at home is also present in the company Grimp In Forest. This team has for mission to transpose the concept of the game, hardware, security protocols directly ... at home, at your place of work, a place that suits you in France.

This performance of organizing sports events at home allows a lot of flexibility to:

- individuals especially during festive events (birthday, Bachelor party, party, evening sports etc ...) since our team is responsible for installing directly at home the entire game chosen

- companies especially during professional events (team building, company anniversary, business seminar etc ...) since our team will combine with HR, Commercial and Technical services the right time to give your employees a moment on the theme defined upstream

- local and territorial authorities (school, high school etc ...) for fun events (school outing, fair etc ...) since we remain well within the walls of the building in closed and respecting your protocols to ensure the safety of children and people

This service of travel home to the customer or we offer a turnkey service for the organization of a sport event tailored to you, this is everywhere in France and is currently available on the following activities:

- Tag Archery (Archery)

- Outdoor Laser Game

- Biathlon (Laser Rifle Shooting + Obstacle Course)

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