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By purchasing a right of access to the acrobatic courses in height Grimp in Forest of Briançon or more simply entering the site as a visitor without going up on the installations, you accept all the clauses of the present regulations. You operate on the site and / or on the course (s) at your own risk. You may be held liable if you have contravened the rules and provisions contained in these internal regulations. Grimp in Forest de Briançon reserves the right to exclude, without any right to reimbursement, any person behaving which is dangerous for themselves or for others and / or who does not comply with these regulations. Grimp in Forest de Briançon assumes no responsibility for non-compliance with safety instructions or these internal regulations.

Mediation system (case of dispute between the park and a customer)

Since January 1, 2016, we have allowed any consumer access to a consumer mediation system with a view to the amicable resolution of any dispute. This obligation results from article L.612-1 of the consumer code. Any complaint must be addressed to the customer service of the Grimp in Forest park in accordance with the terms defined in the conditions of sale. After having contacted the customer relations department and failing a satisfactory answer within 60 days, the customer can contact the Tourism and Travel mediator, whose contact details and referral procedures are available on his website:

1. Definition of the activity:
The acrobatic courses in height are spaces of safe playful activity allowing
for practitioners to walk at height, independently and more or less acrobatic, on and
between trees or other natural or unnatural supports. The present park consists of 5 courses and
a 114-meter zip line. The activity is carried out with protective equipment
individual climbing type. Respect the trees by always staying on marked paths
so as not to bruise the roots of trees by compacting the soil.
Autonomous practice of the activity:
This activity is autonomous in the sense specified by the instruction of the Ministry of Youth and Sport n
° 07-103 JS of July 30, 2007.
“... These are fixed acrobatic courses, mainly on cables. The public evolves in
autonomy without supervision or specific support from a person during the activity.
The routes are naturally subject to compliance with the precautionary rules which meet the
consumer code requirements. The safety of the practitioners is the responsibility of the
park manager who organizes the activity, "PAH operators" responsible for information
practitioners on the conditions of use of the installations and the surveillance of the site and
people in autonomous activity. The professional branch of ELAC, which depends on the
collective tourism agreement, now issues a professional qualification certificate
(CQP O.PAH) for these professionals. However, their information and surveillance functions are not
do not fall under article L-212.1 of the sports code. "
- This activity is not supervised. It is monitored from the ground by park operators.
- The practitioner travels independently while respecting these regulations and the instructions
security data at the start of the session.
- The practitioner uses the equipment and facilities of the park at his own risk.
- The organizing company cannot be held responsible for the deterioration or loss
personal effects of customers such as accompanying persons or even for a ride on
the site or the objects entrusted to it to the reception or to the park staff.

2. Definition of the service provided:
The service provided includes a right of access to the course, the supply and installation of
equipment for practitioners, description of the activity and safety and use instructions
equipment, the application on a test route for validation by an operator and the
monitoring, advice and / or any help during the session.

3. Right of access to the courses and entry to the site:
The entrance fee to the park gives access once to the courses. The fact of carrying out partially or
not at all a course does not give right to any refund. The site is also accessible
free of charge to visitors who do not access the high ground routes (visitors, family of
practitioners ...), provided that they comply with all the clauses of these regulations.

4. Conditions of access to high ground courses:
To access the high-rise courses, you must:
- Have paid an entrance fee to the reception before entering the facilities.
- Have benefited from the explanations of the safety instructions at the start of the session
- Be in good health, and not be affected by any physical disorder (disorder
heart, back, spine, dizziness, ... The practice of the activity is strongly discouraged
pregnant women), nor psychic. The practice is prohibited for anyone who has consumed
alcohol or any substance (narcotics or medication) that may affect their abilities and / or their
- Respect the age, size and support conditions indicated in chapter 5 of the
these regulations.
- Have previously taken out civil liability insurance.
- Having consulted the Safety and Rescue Organization Plan (identification of people
managers, emergency telephone numbers, procedure to follow ...).
It is forbidden to smoke on the activities.
Management reserves the right to refuse access or exclude any person whom it considers
that it does not meet the aforementioned conditions.

5. Conditions of age, size, weight and support:
Access to the courses is not possible for people over 120 kg for reasons of
material constraint.
a) For individuals, the accompaniment of children must be carried out as
• Small course Kid 4-7 years: an adult must stay close to the course on the ground.
b) Long course for children under 16: an adult must stay near the
ground course.
c) For school groups and communities (Air Centers, etc.): the conditions
are different. The group instructions given at the time of the

6. Safety:


Adopt responsible and prudent behavior in all circumstances.
• An outfit adapted to the exercise of outdoor activities is strongly recommended:
For more ease, a sporty outfit is recommended. Provide jogging-type pants,
sneakers or hiking shoes. Avoid shorts, sleeveless t-shirts and tie them
long hair. Flip-flops are prohibited. Grimp in Forest de Briançon cannot be held
responsible for soiling or degradation of clothing and advises participants to
favor clothes that are not fragile and can get dirty.
The participant must take all measures to avoid any accident, and in particular
tie your hair to avoid the risk of tearing in the pulley, empty your pockets (risk
falling objects), remove personal effects that may represent a danger during
activity (jewelry, bags, piercings, untied shoe laces, cameras,
cameras, ...), etc. It is recommended to wear closed clothes.

• Security equipment :
Before departure, participants must be equipped with protective equipment
individual Grimp in Forest de Briançon (harness, lanyards, pulley, helmet and headlamp for
nocturnal routes). Only official Briançon Grimp in Forest equipment is authorized and
compatible with the installations. This equipment is subject to a systematic visual inspection.
before each use and periodic complete checks in accordance with the standards in force.
The practitioner keeps his equipment throughout the course and does not lend it to anyone. In case of
loss, Grimp in Forest de Briançon will ask the participant for a refund of the lost material
(350 €).
The various protection devices (against falls from a height, as well as shocks) are
equipment intended to limit the consequences of falls or shocks. They don't
do not guarantee that the practitioner is systematically unharmed after possible
shocks or falls (extract from the XPS 52-902 standard). It is therefore prohibited to unnecessarily request or
improperly the safety equipment put in place (personal protective equipment, stop
falls, workshops, ...).
The participants undertake to respect the equipment (platforms, cables, panels, ...). In
in the event of voluntary degradation, Grimp in Forest de Briançon will invoice the damaged equipment at the price

• Safety instructions :
For practitioners only:
- Participants must attend the safety briefing
(instructions). It allows to show and put into practice safety rules and adaptation
to the material as well as to the different kinds of workshops. They must also pass on one
training courses (practice) to put these safety instructions into practice and test
its capabilities. Anyone who, at the end of the briefing or the test route, does not feel
able, physically or morally, to perform the manipulations correctly alone
essential for a development in self-insurance (autonomously) must give up the activity.
Park staff reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who does not have the
sufficient physical or motor skills on these training routes.
- The participant is responsible for observing the safety instructions and must constantly
personally ensure its movement in the trees by remaining permanently connected to the
lifelines (marked in red).
- The participant must systematically read the signage for each workshop and respect
scrupulously the instructions mentioned therein.

- Only one person at a time must ride on a zip line. 3 people maximum can
borrow the other workshops.
- It is forbidden to interrupt and / or leave a course before the end without the authorization and
the assistance of a facilitator.
- Participants resuming the activity, after a break, must have their equipment re-checked
individual protection by one of the course leaders.
For all (practitioners and accompanying persons, walkers ...):
- In the event of a problem, please notify the park staff by any means
useful. All staff have been trained to meet the requirements of
service and security.
- It is risky to walk under the workshops because of the possibilities of falling
objects (telephones, etc.).
- Always stay on the marked paths and read the signage provided for this
effect. It is strictly forbidden to cross the boundaries of marked paths (cords,
barriers ...), even to take a photo, in order to avoid any risk and to respect the trees and the
- It is forbidden to smoke in the forest.
- Dogs may be frightened or may frighten some people
during the activity. They must be kept on a leash near areas frequented by
• Weather situation :
The activity is possible even in rainy weather. However, in the event of severe inclement weather (storm,
storm, earthquake, etc.), if the activity turns out to be potentially dangerous, it must
end as soon as the instructions given by those in charge. More generally, Grimp in Forest
de Briançon reserves the right to interrupt all activities if it considers that the safety of
participants is compromised. In this case, follow the instructions given by the staff of the
park and do not become detached from the lifelines.

5- Respect for the environment:
The forest is a fragile environment, the trampling of the ground degrades the vegetation AND KILLS TREES.
The participants undertake to respect the environment (trees, fauna, flora) and to stay on the
marked paths. It is therefore forbidden to pass beyond the barriers and ropes delimiting these
paths, to pull up plants, to pick flowers ...

6- Opening hours:
Access is authorized only during the opening hours of the park.
Access to the high courses is strictly prohibited outside opening hours
(unsecured and unsupervised installations).

7 - General:
The participants undertake to practice the activity in all courtesy and in a good mood.
The picnic area is strictly reserved for customers.

8 - Insurance:
Grimp in Forest de Briançon takes out professional liability insurance. The tariff
entry fee does not include insurance for practitioners, and in particular individual insurance
This insurance allows you, in the event of an accident, to have an indemnity which varies according to the
insurance companies.
It is therefore advisable that the practitioners inform themselves beforehand about their insurance conditions.
with their own insurance for the practice of an acrobatic park at height and, if they do
wish to take out specific individual accident insurance for this activity with
their insurers. For further information on individual insurance
accidents, contact our reception staff.


Our facilities and trees are officially inspected every year.

We provide daily maintenance and control of the workshops. All our equipment (helmets, harnesses, etc.) are CE standards.

Our instructors are professionals (holders of BE Escalade or CQP Course operators) and are there to advise you throughout the course. We provide an initiation for all.

All the workshops and courses are within sight of the course operators.

Privileged welcome, friendliness and good humor await you.

Youth and sport approved n ° 00505ET0010. Course certified to AFNOR XP S 52-902-1 standards; XPS 52-902-2; XP S 72-701.

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